Floor cassettes provide a fast, cost effective way to construct a complete working platform in a matter of hours.

  • Precision designed and engineered to stringent performance criteria to reduce bounce
  • Manufactured with Pryda Span or Long Reach floor trusses up to 10m in length
  • Manufactured off site for higher degree of quality assurance and reduced waste on site
  • Suits both ground floor and upper storey applications
  • Install complete upper storey cassettes from below to reduce OH&S risks
  • Compatible with Surefoot concrete free foundations for ground floor applications
Floor Cassette Systems
Floor Cassette Systems
Rear page cassette lift for upper storey

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Click below to view a case study of Units 1 & 2 Carnarvon Court, Queensland.

Floor Cassette Manual

September 2016

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Floor Cassette System

March 2015

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