Habitat For Humanity

Charity Pryda and Ace Walls & Trusses join forces to help house a dozen deserving children

A dozen children from three separate families are excitedly looking forward to moving into their own new homes built by Habitat for Humanity Victoria , with the help of the local Drouin community and material sponsors such as Ace Walls & Trusses and Pryda Australia.

Three families with 11 children between them and another on the way have been selected to buy and even help build houses under construction through Habitat for Humanity’s building program to provide affordable accommodation to those facing financial hardship.

Habitat for Humanity is renowned globally for its work in rallying communities to build homes for people affected by events like the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

It is also fortunate to have prolific supporters such as Keith Urban, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Susan Sarandon, Jon Bon Jovi, U2, Katy Perry and many more.

Locally, Pryda’s General Manager, Mr Paul Gaiardo, said as part of the company’s ‘Build Your Community’ program he put his hand up to donate the connections for the three homes currently under construction in Drouin after being approached by Ace Wall and Trusses’ Nathan Rees.

Ace is a supplier of Pryda products and they asked us to be involved in the project. We donated all the nail plates and timber connectors helping to keep the cost of construction down.

“At Pryda, we resonate with the philosophy of Habitat for Humanity Australia, which is that a house is more than bricks and mortar, it’s the foundation for a stable, secure home and provides hope for the future,” says Mr Gaiardo.

“After all, Pryda started out as a family business 50 years ago and creating framework for a strong home is what we do, too. So we’re thrilled to see that these families now have a foundation for moving forward with their lives in a positive way.”
Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Victoria, Philip Curtis, is calling on all Australian businesses to support his organisation’s projects around the country by providing materials, such as Pryda and Ace Walls & Trusses has done for the Drouin project, or manpower.

“Habitat for Humanity relies on the support of businesses to help build safe, decent and affordable homes for families living in housing stress as cost effectively as possible. Every donation of new building materials or provision of materials at a discounted or reduced cost helps to drive down our cost of construction. That means we can build more houses for families in great need,” Mr Curtis said.

“We also value the support provided by businesses that allow and encourage their staff to come on site as volunteers to help build our houses. Habitat for Humanity relies heavily on volunteer labour, both skilled and unskilled, to help build each house. This includes the 500 hours of ‘sweat equity’ provided by our partner families to help build their future homes.”

Habitat for Humanity is currently coordinating building projects across Australia (it has completed 120 homes since it was established in Australia in 1987 and has an ongoing commitment to help build new homes for Victorians, among them 2009 Black Saturday Bushfire survivors.

Mr Gaiardo has also pledged that Pryda will be of support to future projects, too, so that Habitat for Humanity can continue to offer affordable new homes to families most in need.


According to Habitat for Humanity Australia:

  • UN statistics reveal that 1.6 billion people worldwide live in substandard housing and 100 million are homeless. Included in this number are a growing proportion of women and children.
  • Research conducted by Humanity Australia shows that before moving into a new home , partner families lacked stability, security, faced poor living conditions and financial hardship and lived a life filled with stress and health issues. After moving into a ‘Habitat’ home, these same people reported a sense of pride, ownership and achievement, and said they had gained new skills, made new friends and were enjoying a stronger family bond and enhanced confidence. They felt more stable, secure and reported greater levels of well-being, health and employment. Shows you what a house can do.
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    Humanity Australia has worked with a range of sponsors since it was established and more are welcome to assist through donations.

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