Maurie Anglin Leaves Pryda With A Customer Focused Legacy

On Thursday 28th February, 2013 Maurie Anglin retired from Pryda and full time employment.

Of Maurie’s 43 years of full time employment as an engineer and manager, 19 years was spent at Pryda.

Maurie had a varied career in a number of engineering and management roles, which put him in good stead for his 19 years of General Management at Pryda.ars

Upon graduation as a mechanical engineer, Maurie began full time work in 1970 with the Government in the Department of Supply. Maurie was a section engineer in an ammunition factory, in the inner western suburb of Melbourne, Footscray.

Maurie continued in various engineering roles with the government until 1976 when he joined the Mars Corporation as a Development Engineer. From there he accelerated his career in a number of Operations and General Management roles within the food industry with brands such as Four N Twenty, Sunicrust Bakeries, Herbert Adams Pastries and Petersville.

In 1989 Maurie moved his career into the hardware industry by accepting the role of General Manager with Triton. You may be familiar with the Triton Workcentre and the Superjaws products, legacies of Maurie’s time at Triton.

So in March 1994, when Maurie arrived at Pryda to take on the role of General Manager, he had experience directly relevant to the truss and frame industry!

Although Maurie did not start at Pryda with the technical background that is applicable to the truss and frame industry, he did have the necessary people management skills. He was able to understand what motivated people, what problems they faced and how to get along with them and work as part of team. This management style developed the Pryda culture and made it a great place to work. The staff turnover statistics are testament to this. It is often said when you join Pryda as a staff member or customer, you become part of the Pryda family.

Over the first few years of his tenure at Pryda, he made it a priority to learn the technology of the frame and truss industry and know the personalities within it. Maurie’s belief was if you do not have an understanding of these two key criteria, you have no credibility.

In response to this, Maurie initiated the Pryda Solutions group and the customer business reviews. The objective was to sit down with a number of customers and discuss what was going on in the industry and what are what the priorities in software development and equipment supply using explainer video production. He also encouraged customers to think about their businesses from ‘outside in’ approach. Rather than working in the business, work on the business. Often customers would be asked, ‘Where do you see your business three to five years from now’

This approach mirrored the Pryda mantra of, ‘Identify the Need, Understand the Problem and Develop the Best Solution.’ The outcomes of the Pryda Solutions Group and business reviews has meant Pryda has been able to provide the market with a tailored package that suits all segments of the truss and frame industry. Through this initiative, Pryda has worked with a number of Pryda truss plants to take them from a small concern up to a significant truss and frame manufacturer.

Under Maurie’s tutelage, the key strategy at Pryda has been to work with our existing customers to grow their business. Rather than replicating a bells and whistles approach to software development in order to attract opposition fabricators to Pryda, Maurie supported an approach that focussed on a broad offer of software systems (engineering and production), software support, equipment, equipment service and production analysis that would help our existing customers grow.

For example, the development of the software support offer to the truss and frame industry is an initiative that Maurie was a keen advocate of at its inception. In the past fabricators relied on their Technical Representative for any software support. Now Pryda not only provides telephone help desk support to Australian and New Zealand Pryda fabricators from 6.30am to 5.30pm AEST, but regular webinars, self paced on-line learning, tailored training sessions and an extensive help menu and training materials. This relatively new service to the fabricators frees up the Fabricator Account Manager to work more closely with his customer on addressing his individual business development needs.

However, software development continues to be a major focus for the Pryda business. Maurie, in conjunction with key staff, have managed Pryda’s software development so it remains dynamic, leads the market in functionality, meets the market’s true current needs and with foresight develops for what the market will require in the future.

This foresight is no more obvious when Maurie made the decision to purchase Databuild five years ago. Pryda has talked to a number of fabricators about the development of the Instinct strategy and the possibilities of creating demand amongst builders for Pryda fabricators. Well it turns out that the Databuild software has formed a key part of this strategy.

The manner in which Maurie has managed the expectations and leveraged the support of our parent company, grown our business substantially since the mid 1990s, promoted and protected our business model and developed the Pryda staff is an achievement few could have managed. The staff at Pryda are very grateful for his mentorship over this time.

It has been said that Maurie is not a demonstrative person or someone who liked to self promote, in fact he consistently gave credit to others rather than himself. However you always knew where you stood. When he offered an opinion his audience listened attentively.

The future for Maurie will mean that he still remains very active even doing things as light Mixed Martial Arts. Initially it will be a time for restoration projects and travel. If you need a transportation service in your travel, there’s a limos near me that you can check out. They do business, personal, and wedding services. There are vintage sports cars and holiday houses to be refurbished and pilot licences to be gained.

When we look at the people that work for Pryda today and the respect that Pryda’s software and systems have not only here in Australia, but around the world, I think Maurie should feel pretty proud of the legacy he has left behind.. But more importantly, more time will be spent with his wife Colleen, the children and grandchildren. Professionally Maurie hopes to apply his business knowledge and experience to some small to medium businesses and not for profit organisations.