Pryda Build Software Solves Detailing Problems For Complex Roof Design

Bretts Frame and Truss has combined with Pryda to solve an enormously complex roof design of an exclusive Brisbane home.

Using the latest version of Pryda Build software, Queensland Pryda fabricator account manager Ashley Mansfield teamed with Bretts Frame and Truss to detail the project while other truss manufacturers in the industry claimed it was not possible to achieve.

The client wanted a large H-shaped home enclosing a swimming pool (complete with pool house) and six-car garage underneath. The roof design used comprised a concave cross section shape with Balinese gable ends (reminiscent of a Buddhist temple) with sweeping curves from a high centre apex.

Once the owner had the home designed to his specifications, the first challenge was to accurately detail the roof truss component of the project. Ashley Mansfield said using Pryda Build he was able to compliantly impose truss details over the CAD drawings.

It was a four-day job that I was able to carry out in segments, he said. In order to be successful, I broke the roof into modules and independently detailed each one.

The roof trusses were more than five metres high at the centre and, because of this, had to be manufactured in two sections.

Danny Lake, from Bretts Frame and Truss, said the roof comprised 155 trusses measuring more than 45 cubic metres over the three sections plus additional beams and posts.

There were three blocks to each wing, manufactured one at a time, he said. Each block took 10 hours to complete.

The challenge was to make the roof curves perfectly symmetrical for the battens, which had to be at exactly 170-millimetre centres to accommodate the roof tiles made from recycled car parts that had been turned into a polycarbonate product brought from Ireland.

Manufacturing of the roof trusses had to be spot on to avoid any deflections in the gutters, fascias and downpipes which are all made of copper, Danny Lake said.

Once completed, each block was transported by road to the building site. There, builder Geoff Booth from Tara Homes swung into action, using the massive concrete floor slab as a base for erecting the roof trusses before they were lifted by crane into place onto the timber frame.

Because of the originality of the roof design, Geoff Booth said they first proof tested the design and functionality on the smaller pool house.

There were only six standard roof trusses involved in the pool house construction, he said. The remainder were made using saddles and outrigger trimmers.

Once everyone was satisfied with the pool house construction, they set to work on the rest of the house dealing with each stage of the project as Bretts Frame and Truss supplied it.

We erected the master bedroom suite first, followed by the raked trusses of the lounge and dining rooms, Geoff Booth said.

Then came the left wing (with the bedrooms) and the centre section with its curved tunnel ceiling and finally the right wing.

The curved ceiling incorporates fibre optic lighting that has enabled a starry, starry night theme. It presides over a 10-metre long by eight-metre wide main entrance hall with direct views of the luxury pool at the rear of the home.

Geoff Booth (who has worked closely with Danny Lake for 20 years) said he could not have completed the job which took three months to finish the roof truss erection without the active assistance of Bretts Frame and Truss and Pryda experts who impressed from the first meeting and were in constant communication throughout the entire project.

It just shows how flexible and advanced the latest Pryda Build software is to deal with such a large and complex roof design, he said.

Pryda engineer Varun Bharti paid tribute to Ashley Mansfield’s detailing skills saying that, without his capabilities, the roof system would not have been so nicely integrated.

A lot of thought and numerous hours have been spent by him to get this system to work together, he said. It is an achievement that his designs have gone seamlessly on site.

Varun Bharti said a roof system of such complexity without flaws and almost negligible on-site issues was an outcome of all the hard work and effort cast into the design of this roof system.

The owner has praised everyone involved for their passion, commitment and professionalism to bring this spectacular concept to fruition.

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Pryda Australia on 1800 810 741

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