Pryda Develops Long Unitie For Direct Truss Fixing

Pryda has developed a long leg Unitie for fixing prefabricated roof trusses directly to stud walls solving a vexatious problem that has long plagued the building industry.

Until now, strap bracing has been traditionally used to fasten roof trusses to the top plate of any stud wall to prevent them moving. However, strap bracing created a problem for plasterers installing cornices to ceilings on internal walls because it always got in the way.

Fed up with the problem, Warren Lock, a timber estimator for South Australian firm Wingfield Timber who also had a close association with Silverwater Plumbing in Sydney, approached Pryda’s South Australian and Tasmanian manager David Mahon for a solution.

After 12 months research and testing, Pryda came up with the long leg Unitie, which enables the roof truss to be fastened directly in one operation to the side of the wall stud, making strap bracing to top plates redundant.

“The Unitie provides a nice smooth join to the side of the stud making it much easier to install the ceiling cornice,” Mr Mahon said. “It projects above the top plate and contains a twist to enable it be fastened to the face of the roof truss.”

The product was first supplied to Wingfield Timber about six months ago and has now been released to other Pryda retail outlets and fabricators. The Unitie also has been included in the latest Pryda product guide.

Although long Unities can be applied to external walls, they are mainly used for internal construction and, since their release, have proved extremely popular with several building firms.

The numbers used depend on the size of the project, but Warren Lock said between 40 and 100 Unities was common for an average size job and they are particularly suitable to large spans.

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