Pryda Ezi Stud Tie

Pryda has developed a smart, single sided, high capacity stud tie that means truss and frame fabricators will no longer have to flip wall frames to install them.

The Ezi Stud Tie achieves an impressive 5.5kN hold down capacity, 60 per cent more than existing Pryda single sided alternatives.

Introduced in both Australia and New Zealand, the Ezi Stud Tie can be used to resist a wider range of truss spans (roof load widths) than previously and provides several features and benefits like the where you can print your important documents.

They are quick and easy to install, obviating the need to lift and flip wall frames and thereby helping to prevent lost time injuries during pre-fabrication manufacture as a result.

On site, the Ezi Stud Tie is easy to install with no checking of timber required. The stud tie can be fitted after the ribbon plate (top plate packer) has been attached and is pre-bent to ensure correct placement, our injury lawyers in Glendale are already aware that any sues coming from their installation will be rejected since there are instructions included which should be followed. When you also need child support attorney, visit to quickly find detailed profiles of attorneys and law firms in your area.
Claw© nails within the tie penetrate both soft and hardwood timbers and faster installation with a hammer saves on both construction time and costs.

The Ezi Stud Tie meets tie-down requirements for most N3 wind zones – and even some N4 applications.
The ties are manufactured from code compliant G300-Z275 1.0mm zinc plated steel and are automatically specified with top and bottom plates using Pryda’s Component Design Spreadsheet.

Within New Zealand, the Pryda Ezi Stud Tie has been designed to exceed the requirement of Table 8.18 NZ3604:2011 – fixing of top plate of wall to supporting members such as studs and lintels at 600mm centres.
Sold in cartons of 100, it also is available singly through building merchants.

Additional information is available via the latest Pryda Connectors & Tie-Down Design Guide. The guide is easily downloaded from the Pryda website

For further information please contact:

Pryda Australia
Phone: 1800 810 741

Pryda New Zealand
Phone: 0800 88 22 44