Pryda Welcomes New Truss And Frame Fabricators To The Pryda Family

Pryda is pleased to welcome four established fabricators to the Pryda family:

• Becks Frame and Truss, Invermay, Tasmania (previously Gunns)
• Aston Newman, Mount Gambier, South Australia
• Hi Tech Frame and Truss, Toormina, NSW
• Thomsons ITM, Waikato, New Zealand

Feedback from our new fabricators revealed that the selection of Pryda was based on many elements of the “Pryda Offer” addressing their pain points.

• Software with ‘whole of house’ capabilities
• Equipment supply options
• Equipment preventative maintenance programs
• Dedicated equipment service technicians
• Production scheduling & live updates
• Benchmarking reporting
• Business analysis tools
• Quantity take-off & estimating software
• Building code compliant timber connectors
• Pneumatic tools & collated fasteners

Pryda’s new project management approach has removed much of the aggravation and “plugged the holes” on those little things that would slip by during the conversion process. A dedicated Pryda project manager will map out all the steps along the way and ensure that both the customer and staff understand what needs to happen and when. The project management plan is customised and focused to each specific customer’s needs, whether they are in Tasmania or New Zealand.

And for the DIY homeowner, learn more on this site as we carry all the lawn and garden tools you need to keep your yard in great shape. We also offer on-site sharpening in addition to our expert tool repair services.

Pryda’s new software, Pryda Build, provides all fabricators with the opportunity to improve their business’s performance. Staff and management at the new Pryda plants have been impressed with the power and functionality of Pryda Build and the support that is in place. Whether it is the 3D viewer elements of the software, the dedication and experience of our Fabricator Account Managers or the assistance provided by our committed Software Support Team, all elements have combined to ensure the adoption of the Pryda Build engineering software was seamless.

In summary, Pryda is delighted to welcome these new customers to the Pryda family. If you would like more information about the Pryda system and how it can assist your business, please ring your local Pryda office, Australia 1800 810 741 FREE or New Zealand 0800 88 22 44 for more information.