The Pryda Build software suite is backed by a dedicated support team, ready to assist you to use Pryda Build to its full potential. Where necessary, they may request to initiate an internet login session with you to help resolve your queries.

Please call the Pryda Build Software Support Team on 1300 832 4737 or email to arrange software support.

Our dedicated and experienced staff have over 35 years experience between them in the truss and frame industry, and are experts in the Pryda Build software:

Aaron McQueen has worked in the truss industry for 9 years, and has spent time floor cutting and pressing roof trusses and floor joists. He then took the opportunity to move into an estimating and detailing role, detailing roof trusses, floor joists and wall frames. His passion for the industry is evident to anyone who talks to him, and he is always looking for more efficient ways to get the job done.

Daniel Trainer has worked in the truss and frame industry for 9 years, in a range of roles from production; to estimating and detailing; and plant management. These roles have helped him to develop a wide spread knowledge base and skill level within the industry. Having a fabricator background also gives him a sound appreciation of the circumstances people working in plants are dealing with.

Des Daniells started his apprenticeship in 1980 building pre-fab and pre-plastered walls. For a stint he was the timber picker, cutter, plate marker (pencil and tape measure) assembler and stacker in a team of 1.  Eventually he led a team of four and detail sheets started to come out of the office – still hand marked.   By the late 80’s, he had his first opportunity to detail computer generated wall frames.  He has since detailed for Dahlsens, Hudsons and Bowens.

Fabian Rizk previously worked in a support role at Telstra, managing an internet cafe and has dabbled in website and graphic design. He came to the Software Support Team with over a year’s experience working in the Pryda Software Testing team, and hence has an excellent knowledge of our software.

In addition, Pryda Build is backed by integrated help documentation, webinars and online learning.