Pryda has been an integral part of the building industry in Australia for over 50 years, particularly in timber truss and frame solutions with the development of a diverse range of timber connectors and structural brackets. Today Pryda remains a trusted Australian brand on building sites, in trade stores and in offices of architects, engineers and designers.

Pryda utilises world-best technology to provide a total systems package to its licensed truss and frame plants, including fully integrated software and production systems, access to world leading manufacturing equipment, and the highest levels of technical support.

Identify the need, understand the problem and develop the best solution, is a philosophy that Pryda follows to develop customer solutions. It is a unique method of looking at the total business needs of the customer and providing cost effective solutions that not only meet current requirements but also identify and satisfy long term goal.

Pryda’s head offices are based at three sites in Victoria. The building at Discovery Road, Dandenong South houses technical support, software development, engineering, warehousing and equipment manufacturing and service. On a separate site around the corner, at Healey Rd, Pryda’s manufacturing and procurement departments operate. The building at South Road Moorabbin, houses administration, accounts, sales and marketing.


Pryda Australia is an autonomous division of USA-based Illinois Tool Works Inc., a Fortune 200 diversified manufacturing company with more than 90 years of history. Other successful brands in the ITW stable include Paslode, ITW Buildex, ITW Proline, Ramset and Reid Construction Systems. Pryda also gains valuable benefits in product, fabrication machinery and software development from its association with other ITW software and truss connector suppliers from around the world.

Organisational Structure

Pryda’s organisation is structured to optimise customer contact in line with our customer service strategy. We pride ourselves on having the resources to assist our customer base. The key roles within this structure are:

  • State Managers – charged with directing resources to manage customer expectations.
  • Fabricator Account Managers – business development managers for the fabrication channel.
  • Account Managers – manage fabricators/builder relationships (builder’s events)
  • Software Support Team – provide advanced software support and training.
  • Customer Service Team – manage timely delivery of product to customers.
  • Engineering Design Team – technical support for fabricators and designers.


  • Market leader in timber truss and frame prefabrication systems;
  • Market leader in trade and retail hardware;
  • Widest range of innovative timber connectors;
  • Brand synonymous with quality;
  • Deliver competitive advantage to fabrication channel through ‘whole of house’ design, estimating and production management software;
  • Service levels exceeding industry standards;
  • Rigorously apply ITW guiding principles;
  • Employer of first choice for building industry professionals.

Customer Service Strategy

  • Establish close customer relationships in order to fully understand and deliver to their needs;
  • Develop and deliver an integrated offering of estimating, design and manufacturing software, fabrication equipment and equipment service, and innovative products to the fabrication channel;
  • Help our customers grow:

1. Deliver industry leading software and production systems;
2. Work with customers to deliver efficiencies within their business;
3. Continue to increase service standards (DIFOT, technical support and training);

  • Sponsor and technical adviser to designers, inspectors, councils and relevant industry bodies;
  • Recruit and develop high calibre staff to support strategies;
  • Support ITW Proline in delivering a high quality and innovative product range to the retail hardware channel.
Roof Trusses

Market Position

There are approximately 350 truss and frame fabricators within Australia and 125 of these are utilising the Pryda system. Pryda’s fabricator customers range from small, independent boutique operators to multi-plant operations associated with major merchants. Pryda’s fabricators are spread across all regions of Australia.

Pryda is the market leader in timber connecting solutions throughout the retail and trade hardware channel. We are aware of competitors importing non-compliant timber connectors and, as a result, Pryda is pursuing an educational campaign targeting all participants in the construction industry, including the building inspectors, builders, carpenters, engineers, architects, truss plant managers and hardware merchant.