Upgraded Drawing Library On Website

To assist the building and design professionals, Pryda have a range of drawings that can be copied onto plans to aid in the understanding of the required building connection and the product specification.

The drawings have recently been updated and are now available for download in PNG, PDF, REVIT and CAD formats.

To allow for easy selection the illustrations are divided into the following categories in the Production Information/Product Drawing Library section of the Pryda Australia website,

– Roof Framing Tie Down Connections;

– Truss To Truss Connections;

– Bracing Fixing Details;

– Floor Truss End Support Details;

– Floor Truss Fixing Details.

Product Information – Product Selector

Pryda have updated the range of product drawing options under the Product Selector section on the Pryda Austaralia website.

The Pryda Product Selector tool allows you to easily choose the appropriate timber connector for the job you have at hand.

To view the individual Pryda product range, click on the relevant Product category on the right hand side or enter the name of the product in the search area.

Once you have chosen you’re preferred product you will have access to technical specifications, product range information, view the product image, copy the image as a WMF file to a clipboard and now download the image in JPEG, REVIT and CAD formats.

This is a handy tool that is worth promoting to your builders.


Pryda Floor Cassettes Offer Eases Fabricator Adoption

2014 has seen floor cassettes gain a lot of momentum as their time saving potential has begun to be recognised by builders across the country. Throughout the year Pryda has been working closely with a number of fabricators, helping them to introduce floor cassettes into their product offering.

Suitable for subfloor or upper storey applications, timber floor cassettes combine all the elements of a floor system including trusses, strongbacks and flooring material, into a large but manageable panel which can be lifted in place to form a complete working platform in a matter of hours.

Developments in the Pryda Build software now means that cassettes can be easily detailed, minimising the amount of additional work over and above standard truss detailing. This was seen at Drouin West Timber and Truss who initially began detailing floor cassettes before cassette functionality was available, and therefore needed to use workarounds and different packages to manage the design process. Managing Director Peter Ward said, “Pryda Build V4 allows the user to complete the whole floor cassette design in one programme and has saved several hours”.

The product offer around floor cassettes incorporates both new products developed by Pryda specifically for the floor cassette systems and a strategic alliance with Surefoot, a concrete free foundation system. In removing concrete from site, Surefoot combined with Pryda floor cassettes is a truly unique time saving solution. This capability was recognised by Edwin McClean, of Modular Building Solutions in WA who completed their first subfloor cassette project in combination with Surefoot earlier this year. When asked why he had decided to introduce cassettes into his offer Edwin said “my main reason for trialling floor cassettes and Surefoot was based on innovation and having a go at bringing something new into the marketplace. I saw the speed and efficiency of construction as a major selling point to builders.”

Other products in the offer will include a cassette lifting bracket which has been designed as a cost effective alternative to lifting straps or lifting bolts. The brackets are compatible with standard lifting clutches and are installed into every cassette during fabrication with minimal damage to the floor sheeting.

Customer support in the form of both engineering and marketing advice, includes reviewing designs and details and also supporting Pryda fabricators on joint visits to targeted builders and engineers. Mark Conlan of Emcee Truss & Frame in Warrnambool has been taking advantage of the Pryda support during his first few cassette projects. Mark said “Pryda’s support so far has been fantastic. I’ve been provided with technical assistance & training with how the system works as well as help with promotion in my region.”

Another fabricator making the most of the cassette offer is Bretts Frame & Truss in Queensland who are preparing to deliver their first cassette project after working closely with Pryda for over a year to ensure a successful launch to the market. Danny Lake, General Manager said that “floor cassettes will complete our manufacturing offer and our customers can’t get the system soon enough. Pryda has helped with the software programme, engineering support as well as the promotional presentations to our customers”

With the complete offer in place and Pryda fabricators across the country now manufacturing or preparing to manufacture, Pryda are looking forward to an even more successful year for floor cassettes in 2015.

If you would like to know more about the Pryda floor cassette offer please contact Jon Hill at Pryda on 0800 88 22 44 or email jhill@prydaanz.com

Pryda Shear Connector Help Solve The Missing Link

Wind produces horizontal (racking) loads on buildings that must be transmitted through the structure to the foundation. In a conventionally constructed house these loads are transmitted to the ground by a complex interaction between the roof, floor, wall and the ceiling frames. This interaction requires each of the frames to be connected appropriately, creating a continuous link to enable load transfer.

The connection between the truss bottom chords (ceiling frame) and non-loadbearing bracing walls is critical to preserving the continuous link. Although this connection has been often overlooked in the past, building surveyors are now increasingly becoming aware of its importance and has found its way into their frame check lists.

The Pryda Shear Connector (PSC) has been especially developed to facilitate the connection between the truss bottom chords and non-loadbearing internal bracing walls. A pair of PSC can be used as a direct substitute for a pair of nail fixed timber shear blocks as specified in Table 8.22 AS1684.2:2006 and AS1684.3:2006.

The effectiveness of more traditional timber shear blocks is reliant on how well they are fixed, which is seldom appreciated by carpenters on site. The fixing of shear blocks are often inconsistent or incorrect, which could result in the bracing panels being rendered useless. Also, fixing shear blocks too tightly against the truss bottom chord could hinder the free vertical movement of the truss, resulting in possible unevenness in the ceiling.

PSC has several advantages over the timber shear blocks and other alternative brackets. The advantages include:

· Can be installed with collated nails rather than hand driven nails only;
· More reliable as the alternative ‘short’ timber shear blocks are prone to splitting,
· No messing about having to hand drive nails into the corner holes of alternate brackets;
· Greater flexibility as they can be used with any truss bottom chord or ceiling joist thickness, including multi laminated trusses;
· Easy to fit, as they are not controlled by a specific timber thickness, and therefore oversized or swollen timbers can be handled without fuss;
· Long term performance is not affected should the nails have been overdriven;

For more information on Pryda’s Shear Connector, contact the Pryda Design office on 1800 810 741.