Celebrating 50 Years – The Journey Of Pryda’s Software

When the doors were first opened in the 1960’s, Pryda’s engineers didn’t have today’s luxuries of calculators and computers… truss designs were manually calculated and drawn. One Pryda truss would take an engineer more than two hours to design and draw, and then it was posted back to the fabricator.

It wasn’t until the 70’s that Pryda developed small programs for calculators to reduce repetitive calculations and manual errors. Whilst this assisted in the calculation side of things, Pryda knew something could be done to reduce the time taken to draw each truss design.

In the early to mid 80’s Pryda developed programs to run on small cassette tape driven computers. These programs introduced the first developments of block input and mini roof layouts. It was also at this time that Pryda developed two pieces of software – Compac and Multipac. These provided look up tables for design as well as some basic layout and estimating capabilities.

In 1989 Pryda released it’s first version of Computa-Roof software. And soon after came Computa-Roof V1.9 which included full engineering from first principals. This allowed Pryda’s fabricators to tackle various roofs themselves which previously required special engineering designs. Following this, in 1992 came an exciting time when Pryda won the Australian Design Award for Computa-Roof V3.

The 90’s saw Pryda’s software grow from strength to strength. In 1994 Pryda launched Wall Builder, followed a few years later in 1997 with the launch of Pryda Roof. Pryda was staying ahead of the game with it’s release of Pryda Roof, offering fabricators the first automated roof plane solving software.

To build on the success of Pryda Roof, 10 years later in 2007, Pryda launches it’s Pryda Build software. Pryda Build is the first time the software was able to bundle roof trusses, wall frames, floor trusses and various component pieces into an integrated software suite. Now having just released Pryda Build V4, Pryda continues to provide leading functionality and features in its software to truss and frame fabricators.