Coming In 2015 – Front Office Manager

Coming soon in 2015, Pryda is anticipating the launch of the Front Office Manager software. To reduce the need for entering the same data in to multiple systems, the Front Office Manager will allow fabricators to centralise multiple areas of administration within their business from managing staff details, customer profiles, live job related tasks and material stock management.

Customer Profiles
Customer profiles can be managed with various contact details to allow for multiple locations and/or personnel details. Within customer profiles, Front Office Manager can highlight the nature of the work, the account type, current status and also rate the customer based on their importance to the fabricators business.

Staff Profiles
Sensitive staff details from salary and contact information, to identifying competencies in various disciplines can all be incorporated in staff profiles. Unique and secure profiles can be created for staff members with tailored access to the various areas of the Front Office Manager.

Project Management
Jobs are entered in to the Front Office Manager as projects, allowing all types of projects to be managed efficiently. From single storey, to multi level to multi residential, and even stock materials, each project can be broken in to any number of jobs. For example, a 10 unit project can have 10 jobs listed in the project. Within each job, the selected tasks will be displayed. Quoting the same job for multiple customers is also handled with ease by users selecting individual jobs from projects and assigning them to multiple customers. Each customer’s mark-ups will be applied to their respective quotes. Front Office Manager also provides increased flexibility within its Quote Editor. Users can adjust mark-ups, profit, total sell price etc. for the complete job or on individual items. Generated quotes (and delivery and order reports) are stored electronically in the project making them readily accessible at any time.

Scheduling job tasks is a breeze using the same simple drag and drop functionality currently used in Production Manager. Estimators and detailers can log in to see a list of tasks that have been assigned to them, or select from a list of unassigned tasks. From the job they are working with, estimators and detailers can then directly access Pryda Build modules from within Front Office Manager, thus eliminating the need to find or recreate jobs in Pryda Build. Users have the ability to record both estimates and actual times taken for each task. Every change that is made to the status of a job is recorded, providing a complete history of the project. Each user also has access to their own customisable dashboard to view live data on selected aspects of the business relevant to their role.

Stock Management
Materials and stock management can be controlled directly in the Front Office Manager. Managers can update their cost database, timber availabilities, ancillaries etc. without the need to run the Pryda Build software. All changes are also reflected immediately in Pryda Build.

For further information on Front Office Manager or to set up a live demo, you can contact Greg Hay on 1800 810 741 or email