Consider The Net Installed Cost Saving Of Floor Trusses

The Pryda fully engineered open-web timber floor truss systems with timber webs (Pryda Longreach) or metal webs (Pryda Span) have many advantages that result in a lower net installed cost compared to other floor systems that are available.

In some instances there may be a material cost increase by using Pryda floor trusses over alternative flooring systems. However when it comes to installing the product, Pryda floor trusses can provide significant labour savings.

At the St. Clair Park Village development the builder chose Pryda Longreach floor trusses over solid joists. There was a 6% increase in material costs, however framing time was reduced by 2 weeks. The labour savings was 2.5 times larger than the material cost increase.

In addition, floor trusses have some considerable design advantages that could result in reducing the need for a large amount of costly structural support construction. E.g. Long spans may reduce the need for internal load bearing walls.
Pryda floor trusses are custom designed for the job by licensed Pryda truss plants. The design incorporates required stiffness, depth, timber grades and span to achieve optimal performance, cost and installation efficiency.

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