Driving Down The Cost Of Production With Pryda Build – June 2012

In a tough housing market, looking for ways to improve efficiencies and drive down the cost of truss and frame production makes good business sense. We talk to three of Pryda’s customers who, with the help of Pryda Build Production Suite, are doing just that.

South Coast Timber Supply in NSW has been running a paperless production environment for almost a year now, with 13 computers and displays making up their factory system. On the first day the software was fully operational, its potential really shone through, Brendan Aulsebrook, Production Manager explained, “You can’t afford NOT to have this software in your business. Since the programs introduction, production immediately increased by a conservative 7.5 per cent”.

It’s easy to see where you can make these productivity savings. In a paper environment, simple tasks like checking a dimension on a truss can stop production at a jig, with one person heading into the front office while another two operators are left standing around. In the front office, the detailer then needs to stop work on their current job while they open up the job in question to check the dimensions. With Pryda Build Production Viewer, the jig operator can get the dimension with a couple of clicks, production barely halts and the detailer is none the wiser.

Other savings are even more obvious. South Coast Timber Supply found that they’ve saved an average of 40 minutes per job in printing, sorting and distributing paperwork. That’s 40 minutes now spent detailing the next job.

Travelling south to Drouin West Timber and Truss in Victoria, we found a completely different implementation of Pryda Build Production Manager focussing on its scheduling capabilities. Production Manager Shane Lindau has been particularly impressed with its ability to monitor projects and to instantly respond to builder feedback on the status of individual jobs. A good example was when bad weather interrupted a builder’s progress so he was unable to pour a concrete slab and, as a result, needed to delay truss delivery by two weeks.

With Pryda Build Production Manager, changing the schedule is a breeze, he said. It even enables fabricators to determine how much stock they need to carry at any one time a massive boost for their cash flow requirements.

Shane uses all of the features available in the scheduler including forward order scheduling which allows him to plan backwards based on the delivery date and estimated size of a job. He also uses live data feed, to check on the job status and react accordingly. So builders can be assured that lead times are 100 per cent accurate, Shane said.

Shane estimates Drouin West has saved 50 per cent in preparation and build time using Pryda Build Production Manager in conjunction with its new plant equipment. Efficiency gains are considerable and product quality has improved because we now rely less on the human factor, he said.

When setting up a new plant at Craigieburn, Dahlsens decided it was all or nothing, and have reaped the benefits of having Pryda Build Production software managing their end to end process.

Simple things like logging every contact with their builders and attaching scanned copies of the plans in the scheduling module mean that detailers don’t have to waste time at the start of the job chasing down paperwork, or finding out whether a site measure is still pending. Instead, as they check the schedule for their next job, they grab the paperwork at the same time – all without leaving their desk.

Ben Davis, Craigieburn’s Production Scheduler, explained how a combination of using the job notes and the rolling delivery report helped him organise deliveries quickly. Previously we had yellow job envelopes, and it could take me up to a day to organise deliveries. Now, I just open the job in Production Manager and type as I talk on the phone. I get the next day’s deliveries organised in half an hour.

They have also achieved efficiencies on the plant floor by batching jobs through to the saws using Production Manager. Ben uses the powerful batching options to match up all cutting to the saw closest to the jig where the truss will be assembled. We used to send all hips to the one saw, but we’d find that small hips would be assembled at a different jig to the others. The guys would spend a lot of time trying to sort through the cut timber to find the right pieces. Now, all the pieces end up at the right place first time around.

With Dahlsen’s Craigieburn, Drouin West and South Coast Timber Supply, we can see how Pryda Build Production software can be implemented differently to suit the individual plant’s needs, explains Ian Currie, Pryda’s Fabricator Systems Manager, “you can implement as much or as little as you want to boost productivity in targeted areas”.

We will be providing live demonstrations of Pryda Build v4 detailing and production systems starting in June at Frame Australia. Call our offices on 1800-810-741 today to book your place at a demo, to find out how Pryda Build v4 can give your business the competitive advantage.