1. Confidentiality
    All information disclosed by ITW Pryda/Databuild Learning Portal to any user, other than that which is in the public domain, will be held confidentially, and for the Pryda Learning Portal, only used for the purposes expressed in the ITW Pryda Licencing Agreement.  Such information shall not be revealed to third parties without prior consent of ITW Pryda/Databuild. This obligation of confidentiality will not apply to information that:

    • Was publicly known at the time of disclosure or, through no wrongful act of the receiving party, became publicly known thereafter; or
    • Had been made known to the receiving party prior to such disclosure or was, after such disclosure, lawfully obtained from a third party without any obligation to keep such information confidential; or
    • Had been or was being developed by the receiving party independent of any such information disclosed by the other party; or
    • Is required to be disclosed by law.


    It is specifically acknowledged by the said user that all information, data and software extracted from Learning Portal will not be used for any other use contrary to the licencing agreement unless agreed to in writing by ITW Pryda/Databuild. If requested by ITW Pryda/Databuild, the user will immediately return to ITW Pryda/Databuild all information, data, software and/or securely destroy such information, data and software from user computer and archive systems.


    User who access the Learning Portal cannot distribute, output information and data from the Learning Portal for any third party, who may or may not have the authority to access the Learning Portal, without the written approval of ITW Pryda/Databuild.


  2. Right of Refusal
    At any time, ITW Pryda/Databuild reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove permission for an authorised user to access the Learning Portal subject to conditions of its licencing agreement.
  3. Assignment
    This right and privilege to access the Learning Portal, whether express or delegated, cannot be assigned to any third party without the written authority from ITW Pryda/Databuild.