Planning Is Key For Commercial Jobs

Because they are more complex than domestic jobs, commercial jobs can seem daunting and overwhelming, but Pryda is here to help. We’ve developed a checklist to help you get the information you need, when you need it.

One of the most important factors is to gather information at the quotation stage. For example, if you require design or inspection certification, you’ll need to contact Pryda’s design department for a quote and include that in your costs right from the beginning.

Similarly, the difference between selecting a commercial building type in Pryda Build i, when it should have been an essential building type, can seem like a small mistake. However, this can result in different design for the girders which again can end up being a costly small mistake. It’s important to get these things right, from the start.

The same applies for engineering documentation. If there are items that require clarification it is always best to contact our engineers at the quotation stage. We’ll then communicate with the building’s engineer to clarify any issues and convey the outcome back to you. Doing this at the quotation stage ensures your costs are accurate and don’t require major revision down the track.

There are four major areas that we recommend you focus on in your planning. Firstly, speak to the builder about the need for design and inspection certification and details of the building surveyor. Next, look at the architectural drawings for things like ceiling fixings, roof battens and other features like light-wells and walkways. The structural drawings will provide information regarding loads, bracing, wind speeds and support. Lastly, you’ll be able to find whether you need to allow for mechanical units or acoustic requirements by referring to the service drawings.

Get these things right and we think you’ll find commercial jobs that little bit less overwhelming. Plan carefully right from the beginning and get all the information you need to submit an accurate quotation. And if your plant is quoting on a lot of commercial jobs, Pryda’s engineering department can offer training on how to best approach these jobs. We’re only a phone call away.