Product Compliance – January 2011


Many of us have experienced the disappointment and perhaps anger of finding out that the great bargain we had just purchased didn’t perform as we expected or was just not fit for the purpose it was sold for.

But how much more serious could this situation be when used in a structural application and using those products could result in financial loss and possible long term failure.

Are you putting your customers at this risk

The Australian building code requires that structural connectors such as framing anchors and metal strap for tie down and bracing of timber framed buildings complies with AS1684.2-2010. The standard states, these products must be manufactured from a minimum steel grade of G300. This grade of steel is required as it has a guaranteed performance. Grades below this such as G2 don’t have this guarantee. Products manufactured from this grade maybe cheaper but don’t comply with the code.

The other critical specification for steel quality relates to the corrosion resistance of the products. To comply with the code, products must have a minimum galvanizing coating of Z275 (a minimum of 15.4um of galvanizing per surface.)

Over many months, Pryda has carried out internally or commissioned authorized independent testing companies to test a range of timber connector and strap brace brands being sold to builders around Australia. Tests conducted included salt spray corrosion testing, spectrometer metal analysis, magnetic induction and micro photography coating thickness analysis. The results clearly show that many of the products being sold in hardware and trade outlets do not comply with the AS1684.2-20010.

Using non compliant products on Australian building sites is risking the job not being approved by authorities and possible future problems for the home owners.

Pryda has been developing, testing and manufacturing quality, code compliant structural building products in Australia for over 40 years. Pryda products are supported by design load and application data sheets and an engineering team to assist builders and inspectors with information if required.

If your current supplier can’t provide the proof of compliance and engineering support for their products, don’t risk your reputation or your customers business by supplying these non compliant products.

For peace of mind, talk to your Pryda or ITW Proline representative. You can contact Pryda Australia on 03 9554 7001 or ITW Proline on 1300 721 738.