NOTE: The AutoCAD files were created using AutoCAD 2000. The REVIT files were created using REVIT 2011

Pryda Framing Brackets are used for beam to beam or beam to brickwork/concrete connections.

Product Code: Uniquely designed to accommodate most standard timber size range in both depth and width. Common widths 35mm, 45mm, 70mm and 90mm. Common depths 90mm to 220mm.

Durability: Suitable for closed roof spaces. Stainless steel also available.

Application: Easily fixed into position with 35 x 3.15mm galvanised Pryda Timber Connectors Nails, or 12 gauge x 35 mm screws.

Pryda Multi-Fix Truss Boots specifically designed to connect roof trusses or other roof members to supporting “girder” trusses.

Product Code: TB35/12, TB35/16, TB45/16

Durability: Suitable for all closed roof spaces.

Application: “Multi-Fix” means that these connectors can be fixed with bolts or screws together.

Pryda Heavy Duty Truss Boots have a long anti-rotation fin and heavy duty steel which combined with the inherent high stiffness of the carried truss prevents twisting of the bottom chord of the girder.

Product Code: TB80C, TB80V.

Durability: Steel brackets for heavy roof truss to truss connections. Suitable for closed roof spaces.

Application: Install with 6 x M16 OR 5/8 inch bolts and with 63 x 4mm square washers.

Hip Support Brackets are used to connect hip rafters to supporting “girder” trusses at a girder to girder junction. Uniquely designed to adapt with Pryda’s Truss Boot series using common screw connectors.

Product Code: HSB

Durability: Suitable for all closed roof spaces.

Application: 4 x No. 12 Type 17 screws into supporting truss.