Anti Crush Plate



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Pryda Anti-Crush Plates are used to avoid crushing of the timber at supports of heavily loaded timber trusses on wall frames. They do this by increasing the width of the bearing and therefore the bearing capacity. Common applications are where girder trusses are supported on corner wall junctions and on internal supports.

FEATURES and BENEFITS: Provides increased bearing capacity required for many heavily loaded trusses. – 5.0mm thick galvanised steel.


1. The Anti-Crush Plate is located along the top of the wall frame.

2. The truss must be located a minimum of 15mm from the parallel end or edge of the Anti-Crush Plate and completely across the width of the wall frame.

For heavily loaded trusses, increases the bearing capacity at the support.

Truss bearing reinforcement

Product Code Dimensions
Anti-Crush Plate
ACP 140 x 75mm x 6.0mm thick