Batten Straps


Product Info

Pryda Batten Straps are used for tying down roof battens to trusses and rafters.

FEATURES and BENEFITS: Are quick and easy to install as they are factory bent to suit 50mm and 70mm battens. Two types have built in Claw nails for penetration into both soft and hadwoods. The third type is installed with galvanised Pryda Timber Connector nails. Saves construction time and cost by being faster and easier to install. Meets tie down requirements for all wind zones including C3. Can be ‘doubled-up’ (two per joint) to provide double tie down strength.

INSTALLATION: 1. Put the batten strap over the battens and fix both the strap and batten to the supporting truss or rafter with one galvanised flat head nail as follows: – 25mm and 38mm thick battens: 75 x 3.75mm nail – 50mm thick batten: 100 x 3.75mm nail. 2. With the BS straps (in-built Claw nails) simply hammer all of the Claw nails into the truss chord or rafter.

For tying down roof battens to trusses and rafters.

Roof batten or purlin to a truss or rafter; Tie-down connectors

Product Code Dimensions
Pryda Batten Straps 1.0mm
BS70 70 x 30mm (Built in Nails)
BS90 90 x 30mm (Build in Nails)