Beam Hanger


Product Info

Pryda Beam Hangers are heavy duty welded hangers for beam to beam, beam to I-joist or beam to top-of-wall connections. They support beams of 65mm to 180mm thickness.

FEATURES: Pryda Beam Hangers are: – easy to install with a small number of coach screws and/or nails into timber or with masonry anchors into brickwork or concrete. – an economical means of forming these connections.

INSTALLATION: On timber supports, Pryda Beam Hangers can be installed using M10 x 75mm or 3/8 x 3 inch galvanised coach screws, 75 x 3.75mm galvanised flat head nails or a combination of both types of fasteners. Use Ramset M10 Chemical Anchors and on concretre and masonry.

Heavy duty welded brackets for beam to beam, I-joist to beam or beam to top of wall connections.

Beam to beam connections; I-joist to beam connections; Beam to concrete or masonry joints.

Product Code Dimensions
Pryda Beam Hanger 3.0mm – Hot Dipped Galvanised
BB180 186 x 77mm
BB300 306 x 77mm
Pryda Beam Hanger 3.0mm – Hot Dipped Galvanised (for I-Joists)
BBT125240 240 x 125mm
BBT180240 240 x 180mm
BBT180300 300 x 180mm