Corner Plate



Product Info

The Pryda Corner Plate is especially designed for jointing corner timbers in light framing applications such as gate frames, and also a wide range of other uses including wall frames, tops of pergola beams, furniture framing etc. Suitable for use as either left or right hand and either the vertical or horizontal position.

Product Code: CPL.  Packed in cartons of 150.

Manufactured from 1.6mm, G300-Z275 Galvanised steel. The use of galvanised Pryda Timber Connector Nails 35 x 3.15mm is recommended.

For right angle joints of timbers in light framing. e.g. gate frames, tops of pergola beams, etc.

Carport construction; Deck construction; Fence construction; Pergola construction; Right angle joints

Product Code Dimensions
Pryda Corner Plates 1.6mm
CPL 110 x 60 x 30mm