Cyclone Straps


Product Info

The Pryda Cyclone Strap has two main tie down requirements. – Fixes the purlin to the truss top chord or rafter – Ties down the truss or rafter to the wall frame.

FEATURES and BENEFITS:  – Quick and easy to install – Sufficient capacity for many cyclonic area uses – Can be ‘doubled-up’ for twice tie down capacity requirements.

Used for tying down purlins to trusses or roof trusses to wall frames in high wind areas.

Roof batten or purlin to a truss or rafter; Tie-down connectors.

Product Code Dimensions
Pryda Cyclone Strap 1.0mm (merchant pack)
MPQHS4 400 x 32mm
MPQHS6 600 x 32mm
Pryda Cyclone Strap 1.0mm
QHS4 400 x 32mm
QHS6 600 x 32mm
QHS9 900 x 32mm
Pryda Cyclone Straps 1.2mm
QHS9/2 880 x 32mm