Half Stirrup Post Anchors



Product Info

Typically used when a post is against a stairwell or wall and can only be bolted from one side. These are available in a range of lengths to suit common requirements. These post anchors are available in two series, Engineered and Standard. The Engineered model has the advantage of a swaged (dry weld) connection between the 32mm stem and 3mm stirrup which gives a completely relaible connection. In addition the base of the stirrup has inbuilt stiffened ribs for added strength and to hold the post above any water ponding and therefore prevent decay.

The Standard model has been developed to suit those customers after a more economically priced product. However the Standard series still meets the companys strict design criteria. The 25mm stem has been welded to the 4mm stirrup. Both series come complete with Hot Dipped Galvanised coating, plastic plug to prevent entry of termites and moisture protection and comply with the building code performance criteria.

INSTALLATION: Fix the anchor to the post with 2/M10 galvanised bolts, nuts and minimum 2.5mm thick by 45mm round or 40mm square washers, or 2/ 50x10mm galvanised coach screws. If not set into concrete, fix to the floor, footing or slab with suitable connectors.

Ideally suited to applications when the post can only be bolted from one side. Can be bolted to existing concrete or decking or set into concrete.

Deck construction; Gazebo construction; Pergola construction; Post supports.

Product Code Dimensions
Standard – Half Stirrup Post Anchors – Hot Dip Gal 4mm Steel, 25mm stem
PSHS130 130mm leg length
PSHS200 200mm leg length
PSHS300 300mm leg length
PSHS65 65mm leg length