High Wind Post Anchors



Product Info

Complies with Appendix 4 of the Standard Building By-Laws. Engineered for high wind areas, including tropical regions. The U Shape base is designed for maximum hold down in concrete. Sizes suit 90, 100 or 125mm posts. Three lengths are available.

INSTALLATION: Embed the anchor in the concrete and fix to the post with 2/M12 galvanised bolts and nuts.

Engineered for high wind application areas, including tropical regions.

Deck construction; Gazebo construction; Pergola construction; Post supports.

Product Code Dimensions
Standard – High Wind Post Anchors – Hot Dip Gal 5mm Steel
PSQ300100/12 300 x 50mm for 100mm post
PSQ30090/12 300 x 50mm for 90mm post
PSQ450100/12 450 x 50mm for 100mm post
PSQ45090/12 450 x 50mm for 90mm post
PSQ600100/12 600 x 50mm for 100mm post
PSQ600125/12 600 x 50mm for 125mm post
PSQ60090/12 600 x 50mm for 90mm post
PSQ600150/12 600 x 50mm for 150mm Post