Maxi Brace and Mini Brace



Product Info

Pryda Mini Brace and Maxi Brace can be used as bracing or nogging of Type A Bracing Units in wall frames in accordance with AS1684-1999 Residential Timber-Framed Construction and the Pryda Bracing Guide.

INSTALLATION: for bracing or nogging, Pryda Angle Brace can be installed either sitting on the surface of the timber framing or checked in flush with the surface using a chisel or a checking head on a circular saw.

To install Angle Brace: 1. Square up the wall or temporary frame ready for bracing. 2. Use the edge of the brace to draw a straight line where the brace or nog is to go, and cut the slots. Note that the brace angle must be from 30 to 60 degrees to the horizontal and ends of the brace should be 150mm minimum from the end of the plate. 3. Fit the brace into the slots with the the vertical leg downwards for safety reasons. Fix it with one Pryda Timber Connector Nail per stud, and two Pryda Timber Connector Nails per wall plate.

For diagonal wind bracing and nogging of wall frames.

Bracing and bracing unit construction; Carport Construction; Pergola construction

Product Code Dimensions
Pryda Maxi Brace 22 x 19 x 1.2mm
AB36 3.6m lengths
AB42 4.2m lengths
AB48 4.8m lengths
Pryda Mini Brace 18 x 16 x 1.2mm
MB36 3.6m lengths
MB42 4.2m lengths
MB48 4.8m lengths