Shade Fix



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FEATURES and APPLICATIONS: Pryda Shade Fix has been especially developed for fixing woven and knitted shade cloth to timber framing. The all-new plates feature a rounded coined edge, designed to eliminate tearing on sharp edges by holding the cloth firmly against the timber when pre-punched nails are driven home.

Pryda Shade Fix is manufactured in easy snap-off stick form (5 plates, each 50 x 13mm) for speed and safety during installation. Pryda Shade Fix is available in either Standard Zinc/Galvanised, or Green Colourbond finish.

INSTALLATION: Place Pryda Shade Fix fastener approximately 5mm from edge of the fabric or centrally on the timber batten. Drive in with an ordinary carpenters hammer. For maximum grip use Shade Fix at 300mm to 600mm intervals. Pryda’s twisted nail profile is suitable for use with the hardest of timbers, resisting pull-out in the toughest circumstances.

For fixing woven and knitted shade cloth to timber framing.

Fixing lining boards and sheet materials; Shade cloth fixing

Product Code Dimensions
Shade Fix (50 x 13mm) (merchant pack)