Product Info

Pryda Speedbrace, used as diagonal roof bracing, provides overall stability to the trussed roof and, in conjunction with the roof battens, prevents lateral buckling of the top chords. Pryda Speedbrace is also suitable for use as wall bracing.

ADVANTAGES: Pryda Speedbrace is applied on top of the top chord, eliminating the difficulty of applying a brace to the underside of the chord as is necessary with conventional timber braces. The profile of Speedbrace allows it to be applied without the need for tensioners as the rib merely needs to be hammered flat where it crosses the timber members. In addition, Speedbrace can be spliced easily and can be wrapped around members to provide a sound and secure anchorage.

For wall and roof bracing.

Bracing and bracing unit construction.

Product Code Dimensions
Pryda Speedbrace 18.5 x 18.5 x 1.0mm
SDB36 3.6m lengths
SDB40 4.0m lengths
SDB50 5.0m lengths
SDB60 6.0m lengths