Strap Brace Tensioners



Product Info

We offer two tensioning options for our new product: SBT & SBT100 (using a M6 x 30 T-bolt, washer and a wing nut) A complete SBT pack will have a:• Saddle.• Wing-nut• Washer• T-Bolt. SBT100N (with nutsert and M6 x 30 hex-head bolt). A complete SBT(N) pack will have:• Saddle with nutsert.• M6x30 hex-head bolt.

As part of Pryda’s ongoing product evaluation program we have re-designed the ‘Strap Brace Tensioner’. The builder now has access to a product that is quicker and easier to install and most importantly provides a significant improvement in tensioning qualities.

The new Pryda ‘Strap Brace Tensioner’ (SBT) has several important enhancements: • A deeper saddle for improved tensioning capabilities. • A smoother edge finish for better manual handling. • Pricing and pack quantities to remain as current.

Product Code Dimensions
Strap Brace Tensioners
SBT100N 100 per pack (includes Hex-head bolts)
SBT30N 6 per pack x 5 packs – 30 in Carton (includes Hex-head bolts)
SBT100 100 per pack (includes wing nuts & “T” bolts)
SBT 6 per pack x 5 packs – 30 in Carton