Strap Brace



Product Info

Pryda Strap Brace with Tensioner, is an easy-to-use, flat strap, steel bracing for roofs, walls, ceilings and floors. Strap Brace complies with the wall bracing rules of AS1684 Residential Timber-framed Construction and has excellent advantages, including: Saves on-site labour time as studs do not have to be notched. The unnotched studs can often be a smaller size and hence cheaper than notched studs. Available in long length coils in convenient dispensers for ease of handling and minimum wastage. Easily and quickly tensioned using the Strap Brace Tensioner – simply by turning the wing nut.

Pryda Strap Brace is ideal for bracing uses where timber braces are not feasible because of their thickness or because timber can’t be bent, eg: exposed beams or rafters, or trusses. Structural Performance Pryda Strap Brace takes load in tension only and must, therefore, be used in pairs, in opposing diagonal directions. It must also be sufficiently tensioned to take the load without distortion of the frame.

For wall and roof bracings. Supplied with tensioners.

Bracing and bracing unit construction; Carport Construction; Pergola construction, Strapping

Product Code Dimensions
Pryda Strap Brace
SB083/15 30 x 0.8mm x 15m – 1 Coil
SB083/30 30 x 0.8mm x 30m – 1 Coil
 SB083/50 30 x 0.8mm x 50m – 1 Coil
SB103/30 30 x 1.0mm x 30m – 1 Coil
SB103/50 30 x 1.0mm x 50m – 1 Coil
SB123/30 32 x 1.2mm x 30m – 1 Coil
SB083/3.5W-500 30 x 0.8mm x 3.5m – 500 lengths
SB083/4.0W-500 30 x 0.8mm x 4.0m – 500 lengths
SB102/SS 25 x 1.0mm x 30m – 1 Coil in Dispenser Carton – Stainless Steel