Pryda Build V4 – From A Detailer’s Perspective

We speak to Greg Agius from CQFT about his experience as one of the first users of Pryda Build v4 – which is now subject to a measured release plan across Australia and New Zealand.
How long have you been using Pryda Build v4 for
I started as a BETA site well over 12 months ago.
What was your initial impression of Pryda Build v4
I loved the new ribbon layout; it streamlines the whole detailing process. Not having to open a new window to complete a task is a great feature. Pryda Build v4 makes detailing very easy.
How did you find the transition from Pryda Build i to Pryda Build v4
The transition was very easy as Pryda Build v4 is very intuitive. I’d loath having to return to previous versions now.
Are there any features in Pryda Build v4 that increase your efficiency or save time

  • The ability customise the layout and hotkeys
  • Ability to design beams and lintels in Wall Detailer is a great feature
  • Adding hot water systems including the point loads from roof layout is simple and quick
  • The ability to add a attic space from roof layout saves a heap of time

Do you have any other comments you’d like to add about Pryda Build v4
The many extra features and capabilities in Pryda Build v4 greatly improve the detailing experience. Whole of house detailing is simplified. Overall Pryda Build v4 is a great program.

Visit the Pryda Build v4 website at for more information and to watch a video featuring some of the functionality Greg has mentioned in this article.