Pryda Build V4 Load Areas By Fabian Rizk

As a recent member of Pryda’s software testing team and now as part of the Software Support Team, I have spent a lot of time in the past few months looking at Pryda Build v4 – Pryda’s newest detailing and estimating software.

One of the features that really impressed me is the roof load area function that applies loads to a selection of trusses all at once instead of having to add point loads manually.

Inputting load areas is as easy as selecting the plane(s), and selecting the specific product – currently we have options for evaporative coolers and solar hot water services. You can also adjust the pitch and height of the deck, as per the plan quickly and efficiently.

I think roof detailers will really appreciate this functionality, because it’s a huge time saver adding a single object that applies the loads to the trusses. Gone are the days where you need to spend valuable time doing manual calculations and then adding point loads individually to each truss. There’s also less chance of over engineering, by adding a bit extra just to be safe. You simply select the product and position it and Pryda Build v4 takes care of the rest.

Builders and building inspectors will also be impressed that your site layouts and 3D inventor files provide a visual representation of the object on the plan. It makes their job so much easier too.

Sometimes there will still be a need to add point loads individually, and Pryda Build v4 can help with that too. Roof detailers will appreciate being able to add point loads to trusses from layout. Again, having them displayed on site layouts can only be a plus for builders and inspectors.

While the functionality is undoubtedly impressive, the thing that struck me most was the ease of use. I found that using the load areas function for the first time was straightforward and intuitive – I really believe it will have a big impact on speed and accuracy for roof detailers.