Pryda Build V4 – The Component Designer

Des Daniels shares some of the new features of Pryda Build Version 4 – The component Designer

As a member of the Software Support team I have the opportunity to review new software as it is developed.
I would like to show you another feature available in Pryda Build Version 4 – The Component Designer.
One of the more time consuming aspects of Wall Frame detailing would have to be designing beams, lintels and prop studs. Things you need to consider are multiple truss spans, TG’s with each one needing a dimension to locate its position accurately and lintels carrying more than one critical truss load. Previously the only way to design a lintel with non standard multiple loads was to obtain the truss reactions for every truss and enter this info one truss at a time onto a lintel. Any error at this stage will cause costly rectifications and reduced customer confidence.
We can preview the headers prior to designing. All of these can now be designed with one button. Once in the Component Designer you can review the designed items from the Profile Tab. Even the prop studs will be designed for the specific load applied to each end. A triple stud MGP12 may be required on one end but only need a double MGP10 on the other. View Edit Variations will now show the changes made in the Component Designer.
A Producer Statement is also available for printing as a single document.
The time saving, accuracy, material saving and Producer Statement are all individually great additions to a Wall Detailer’s tool kit. Together they are without a doubt a must have in today’s fast paced pre- fabrication environment, where time is money, accuracy is critical and material savings will increase your GP.