Pryda Build V4 Waling Plates, Attic Spaces & Truss Mitres By Aaron McQueen

Have you ever wished you could add a waling plate to truss and load specific trusses to it from layout What about defining an attic space straight from layout and seeing the space appear in 3d in real time Or would mitring rafters to hips on the fly be useful for you. In my 8 years detailing, I know I would have liked these features.

As a member of Pryda’s Software Support Team, I have spent a lot of time in the past few months looking at Pryda Build v4 – Pryda’s newest detailing and estimating software. Among my favourite new features are adding waling plates and attic space from layout, and mitring rafters.

Think of the time you save loading trusses to a waling plate in roof layout. Pryda Build prompts you to select the truss to add the waling plate to, the truss to define the waling plate height and then any trusses the waling plate is to be loaded with. The waling plate is shown in 3D in real time and all point loads added accordingly. No more forgotten point loads, no more time cross referencing the layout to find the right trusses to load.

Another time saver is the new attic space feature. Using this feature, you can add an attic space directly to the layout, by line, by point or using a rectangular shape. There are a variety of methods available to set the bottom and top height for the attic space. Once inserted, the trusses simply adjust to the attic space, adding floor trusses automatically when designed, if there is sufficient space for them. The attic space is shown in real time in 3D, making it so much easier to visualise and check affected trusses. With Pryda Build v4, adding attic spaces to trusses one at a time is a thing of the past.

One further time saver is the ability to mitre a rafter that butts into a hip truss. You simply select the end of the rafter that you wish to mitre and select the hip to mitre it to. This feature also allows for double mitres where applicable. You no longer need to get out a calculator to work out the mitre angle to apply in the truss designer.

I know roof truss detailers are going to love using Pryda Build v4 –building on market proven technology.