Pryda Build V4 Wall Bracing Design By Des Daniells

Part of my job as a member of the Software Support Team is to review and test new software as Pryda develops it. So, over the past few months, I’ve been looking at Pryda Build v4 – Pryda’s newest detailing and estimating software.

The new wall bracing design is one of my favourite new features. Everything is in one place. You can design your bracing with confidence and accuracy that was not available before.

Bracing is one of the most important components to wall frame detailing, with major changes to industry practices over the 24 years I detailed. With Pryda Build v4, two storey, multiple buildings, even boomerang shapes are all taken care of. You can calculate the wind loads and distribution of residential bracing from within Pryda Build v4.
Any wall frame bracing you do needs to comply with Australian and New Zealand building design standards. The “I just know” or “I’ll just brace every wall” approach is obviously no longer acceptable. With Pryda Build v4’s new bracing design, there is no more wasting time and money bracing every wall “just in case”. There are no more costly site rectifications to add missed bracing.

Now you can let Pryda Build v4 automatically work out the brace area and calculate the kN value required. It will then let you know the remaining value as you continue to place your bracing. A balance indicator will guide you towards evenly distributed bracing with our Wall Frame Balance indicator tool. I found that I had a complete job braced in no time at all.

And there are no problems providing computations for your wall frame bracing – you can print out an engineering report to supply to the relevant authority.

So when I see the wall bracing button in Pryda Build v4, I think of designed bracing, placement, calculation, design report, time saving, cost saving and peace of mind. I personally think this is the best thing to happen to wall frames since pre-fabricated detailing began. What more could a wall detailer want