Pryda Pricelist Update

Pryda has released the latest version of their Pricelist software – Version 3.4.11 which includes Pryda’s latest and newest products, product information and prices.

Not only does Pryda’s Pricelist software allow users to keep up to date with the latest product information, it is also a quick and easy means of creating and sending sales orders with its Sales Order Creation facility.

Pryda’s Pricelist software can be easily installed on computers by the user with our easy step by step installation guide. The software will provide users with accurate pricing for all Pryda products, including company discounts. Users will also be provided with a list of products suitable for common uses with links to related pricing and application information.

The Sales Order Creation facility will save time and cost with features such as a Favourites table, search by name, search by code, saving and retrieving orders, and email option. The user will be able to save copies of orders, and price data can also be downloaded to a text file for company accounting purposes.

There is no need to manually input the Extras prices in Pryda Build, the up to date prices in Pricelist can be easily imported straight from Pricelist in to Pryda Build. Users will be given the option to update either selected or all products in their Master Product List. And new products from Pricelist can be automatically added in the Extras list in Pryda Build at the click of a button.

If you would like a copy of Pryda’s Pricelist software, Pryda fabricators can contact Michelle Twite on and include your name, company & email address to request to the Licensee Login area on the Pryda website. Please contact your Pryda Fabricator Account Manager for a current list of your company discounts.