Pryda Shear Connector Straps Replace Timber Blocks

The Pryda Shear Connector has been developed to be used in pairs to transfer the racking loads from the ceiling diaphragm to non-load bearing internal bracing walls. They can be used as a direct substitute for a pair of nail fixed timber blocks as specified in Table 8.22 AS1684.2:2006 and AS1684.3:2006.

The Shear Connector has superior design capacities over timber blocks and alternate brackets, while carpenters will benefit from the ease and speed to install this product compared to substitute products.

The advantages include:

• Can be installed with collated nails rather than hand driven nails only;
• No messing about having to hand drive nails into the corner holes of alternate brackets;
• Easy to fit, especially with oversized or swollen timber;
• Accommodates all timber widths, including double trusses;
• Long term performance is not affected should the nails have been overdriven;
• Low cost for a guaranteed performance, should only add $12 – $15 cost to the job.

For more information on Pryda’s new Shear Connector do not hesitate to contact Simon Healey at Pryda Australia on 03 9554 7001.

Pryda Shear Connector installation when truss is perpendicular to the wall frame

Pryda Shear Connector installation when truss is parallel to the wall frame