Pryda’s Learning Portal – Update

With over 500 users, Pryda’s Learning Portal is proving to be valuable tool for estimators and detailers throughout Australia and New Zealand to continuously develop their Pryda Build skills.

Pryda’s Learning Portal provides users of all skill levels with an opportunity to improve and enhance their skill set. The simulated Pryda Build environment allows you to complete both learning and assessment training modules at your own pace. The learning modules provide step by step instructions, guiding you through functions in the Pryda Build software. When you are confident in what you’ve learnt, you then have the opportunity to complete an assessment to test your new skills. Courses are kept short, taking approximately half an hour each to complete, making them ideal for you to complete at any time.

Throughout 2014, Pryda’s Learning Portal has been continuously growing to accommodate both the transition from PBi to V4, and the various new functionality introduced in V4. Enhancements to the course structures have been made to easily give users a path of modules to complete upon receiving new software version updates. When required, you will be issued with a course completion certificate relevant to the new Pryda Build version, direct from the Learning Portal.

If you would like to set up a Learning Portal account, visit and click the link on the main page to request an account.