Roof Trusses With Warnings

There are two stages when designing trusses in Pryda Build i which may alert you to a warning in the truss design: validating the truss from Roof Layout, followed by the engineered design of the truss. As a result, there are two possible warning types: a (yellow marked) warning to which changes may or may not need to be made to the truss, and a (red marked) fail to which changes must be made to the truss.

Issues arising from the validation check will be listed for the user to go through and determine what changes (if any) need to be made.

For ease of use, the user can double click on the warning message to be automatically taken to the respective truss on their layout. If it is determined that no changes are required to a trussthat hasa (yellow marked) warning, the user can simply click to ignore and proceed to design their trusses.

After being validated in the Roof Layout, the trusses will then go through the engineered design process. We will look for any issues in the actual engineering of the truss design based on the Timber Design Standards, and some user defined settings within Pryda Build.

For further information, visit the Pryda Engineering Advisory Centre located under the Utilities menu in Pryda Build, and check out the Warnings information in the ‘Engineering Features in Pryda Build’ section
Below is a list of possible warnings which may arise after the engineered design of the trusses-

Below is a list of possible warnings which may arise when trusses are validated-