Software Support Phone System Update

The Pryda Software Support team are excited to launch their new and improved support phone system in early 2013.

Over the past 4 years, we have seen the Software Support Team grow from just 1 person, to now having three representatives to assist with your software support needs. It seemed only a natural progression to introduce a more advanced phone system to ensure Pryda’s high customer service quality levels are continuously met.

Each call will now be queued and distributed to the next available representative. In the event of our Software Support Representatives being temporarily unavailable, Pryda Build users will now have the option to wait on hold, so there will be no worries about losing your place in the queue. But don’t worry if you’re can’t hold on the phone, simply leave a voicemail message and our trusty representatives will return your call at the next availability.

In support of our appeal to a wide audience, we of course still offer users the option to email a query through to the Software Support team. Every support representative will receive an alert to the email query where the first available representative will tend to your query.

Our new up to date reporting system will allow us to measure accurate call statistics. This data will aid us in monitoring everything from call peaks to call durations. As a result we will be able to make procedure adjustments as needed, to accommodate our user’s needs.

Pryda’s Software Support operates daily from 7am – 5.30pm AEST. Let our friendly staff assist with your software queries by calling 1300techrep or email