Timber Jointing

Pryda is a world leader in timber jointing technology and equipment, tailoring systems to requirements to ensure maximum output at minimum production cost.

Pryda systems allow licensed manufacturers to readily convert difficult-to-sell timber sizes and lengths into profitable sizes and lengths of engineeredtimber required by the building industry.

Each piece of Pryda equipment is purpose designed to provide maximum efficiency and productivity, allowing a high degree of flexibility in designing an overall system to meet any jointing requirement.

The Musclebeam Marketing Package, an integrated program of marketing and promotional support, is available exclusively for Musclebeam licensees – together with a Product Certification Program to maintain quality standards.

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HIgh Speed Timba Jointa

17 Oct 2010

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Claw Jointa

17 Oct 2010

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Equaliser Pressing System

17 Oct 2010

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65 Tonne HD Butt

17 Oct 2010

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