Pryda is excited to be taking their market proven whole of house software to the next level. Along with all the functionality that we’ve come to expect from Pryda Build i, such as an interactive 3D model, intuitive layout modules and powerful truss design tools, Pryda Build v4 packs a punch with some impressive new features, such as wall bracing design, roof load areas, critical load paths and component design.

We are providing tailored in house presentations at truss plants. Call our offices on 1800-810-741 today to find out how Pryda Build v4 can give your business the competitive advantage.

But in the meantime, find out more with our news stories and videos below:

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Taking whole of house software to the next level

“You don’t need to retrain or hire detailers skilled in roof, floor and wall detailing with Pryda Build,” explains Greg Hay, Product Manager Estimating & Detailing Systems, “Each detailer focuses on their own area of expertise.

They can each refer to changes made by the others in real time such as a wall changed to load bearing by a roof detailer, or a beam added by the floor detailer, and reference them if required. ”


Brace your walls with confidence

Part of my job as a member of the Software Support Team is to review and test new software as Pryda develops it. So, over the past few months, I’ve been looking at Pryda Build v4 – Pryda’s newest detailing and estimating software.


Pryda Build V4 Load Areas

As a recent member of Pryda’s software testing team and now as part of the Software Support Team, I have spent a lot of time in the past few months looking at Pryda Build v4 – Pryda’s newest detailing and estimating software.
One of the features that really impressed me is the roof load area function that applies loads to a selection of trusses all at once instead of having to add point loads manually.


Pryda Build V4 Waling Plates, Attic Trusses & Truss Mitres from Layout

Have you ever wished you could add a waling plate to truss and load specific trusses to it from layout? What about defining an attic space straight from layout and seeing the space appear in 3d in real time? Or would mitring rafters to hips on the fly be useful for you? In my 8 years detailing, I know I would have liked these features.


Pryda Build V4 Load Transfers

Being a member of Pryda’s Software Support team means I have the opportunity to test and review software as it’s developed. One of the features in Pryda Build v4 – Pryda’s newest detailing and estimating software – that I think will bring a lot of benefits is the load transfer visualisation tool.


Pryda Build v4 – from a roof detailer’s perspective

We spoke to Paul Lowin from Dahlsen’s Ballarat about his experience as a BETA tester for the soon to be released Pryda Build v4.


Pryda Build v4


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