Pryda Build – Production Management

Pryda’s Production Management software suite helps Pryda fabricators manage jobs through their entire lifecycle, from order receipt through to delivery. You can pick and choose the modules that will give you the most efficiencies for your business. For example, our scheduling module allows for time slot allocation for future jobs, identifies capacity and timing issues, and provides quick status updates as needed. The scheduling module is easy to use with a calendar interface – simply drag and drop jobs to schedule and to resolve issues.

With the cutting module, a production supervisor can batch cutting to match assembly requirements and save time on the floor finding and sorting timber. Similarly, the Production Viewer module saves time on the floor and in the office. Detailing and supervisory staff spend less time printing, preparing and sorting paperwork, while production staff receive all jobs at their workstation in the required order. What’s more they can check dimensions without leaving their workstation, or interrupting detailers or management.

Whichever modules you use, Pryda Build Production Suite collects historical data in the background, which you can use to pinpoint your costs and identify new areas to boost productivity.

Pryda Build Production Suite


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