What’s New… Pryda Build V4

Pryda Build V4 is set to introduce exciting new functionality and improvements in 2014 that will not only make your job easier, but will also assist in improving speed and accuracy.

Formula Extras
Gone are the days of forgotten ancillaries… You now have the ability to set up formulas to determine the quantities of extra items required for your jobs. These items can then be added to your favourites list set up in your Account Data.

Roof Battens
Roof Battens can now be automatically generated on your layout. You can set the defaults for your batten spacing’s, and then use a formula to associate the batten quantity with an ancillary product in your job.

Truss Block Configuration
The block configuration options have been increased to allow users to make changes to the following items on a block by block basis:
· Jack and creeper truss spacing methods
· Truss overspacing
· Hanging beam spacing
· Z-sprocket overlap

trutted Overhangs
Strutted overhangs to hip end corners can be set by default or changed on a block by block basis. Relevant hips and creepers will be designed with the strut support.

Abbreviated Quotes
Users now have the option to generate abbreviated roof, wall or floor quotes to provide total costs only.

Critical Studs
You can now design referenced subcomponents from the Wall Detailer module or individual critical studs from the Component Designer.

ceiling Load Areas
There’s no need to change lining loads on each individual truss, you can now add ceiling load areas to your layouts to automatically change the lining loads on the sections of your trusses that pass through various ceiling areas.

Users now have the flexibility to insert joist blocks and design joists from the roof layout.

Bottom Chord Ties
Bottom chord ties can now be enabled on your layout on a block by block basis. They can also be used in a formula to associate the required quantity with an ancillary produc

floor Cassettes
The option to insert floor cassettes has now been introduced to the floor layout module. If you would like further information on floor cassettes please contact our offic