What’s New

Pryda Build i

Pryda Build i had a big year in 2011. The release of Version 3 brought you Truss Amalgamation, the new Floor Layout, a new Component Designer and much more. With the upcoming release of version 3.0.5 we are excited about the new functionality and further improvements it will bring to you.

This uk bingo consists of a unique partnership between the Goldrush Group (51%) and Eastern Cape based shareholders (49%), headed by Ncebakazi Makehle (Chairperson) and accompanied by Mr M Naidoo and Mr A Pemba on the Board of Directors.

For more information on these features and much more, check out the Pryda Build Help file


Northlight Trusses

You will now have the ability to add a northlight overhang straight from Roof Layout. The truss top chord will follow a northlight overhang roof plane and design with the eaves lining load as set in the Account Data

Multi Select Objects

Selection of multiple objects has been further enhanced to enable you to filter objects of a specific type via the Properties bar.

Chord Splices

For further flexibility in your roof truss design, the available range for chord splices (not at an existing joint) has been increased. You can now nominate a specific splice location within the available range of a panel.

Z Sprockets and Outriggers

You are now able to manually add single outriggers and z-sprockets in the Roof Trusses module as required.


To save time and take the next step in whole of house design, wall detailers will be able to quickly generate sublocators (critical studs) under specified trusses using the roof layout plan.

Special Noggings

For quick access, Special Noggings have been given a toolbar butto